The Light of the Holy Church welcomes all souls in its embrace. Rejoice, people, for in the Light’s glory all shall find peace, in its wisdom they shall find guidance, in its warmth they shall find love. Tremble, the Wicked, cover, the Unholy, for as the shield of the Church is unyielding, its sword is unforgiving. Let all faithful stand tall and those who dare to stand against fall to their feet!
Proclamation of Archbishop Eizenhound,
spoken at the Martyr’s Square, City of Norn,
in Year 230 from the Sacrifice


        For past 560 year since the end of the Dark War humanity has slowly settled new cities on the surface of the scarred earth, but the land is dry and twisted till this day, making life of common people a constant fight for survival. The Light of the Holy Church and the will of the Pope leads humanity to unity, spanning across many cities and towns, but the Darkness stretches its hands to corrupt and divide, bringing evil into the hearts of men. Small city-states dot the maps, but no true kingdom may rise on this land, its roots rotting with the hearts of its rulers before it can grow tall.

        Everywhere, untouched by the Light, dwell far descendants of the Great Evils, those that didn't get their share of the Savior's Sacrifice, praying on all living. Some stronger, some weak, they hunt, deceive, and bring terror to all. The true monsters, however, often hide among humans. In search of protection people reach out for power, be it brought by the Light, the sword, or the Arcane. While towns' militia can usually handle common criminals, when the monsters come from beyond natural, people turn to the Holy Church for protection. With this role the Church has gained a very significant influence over politics in most human settlements and now assists and advises lords. The leaders of the church have also formed a protectorate over merchants, reinforcing the vital trade between the cities, holding humanity from falling apart and disappearing from the face of the land one by one.

        To enforce the peace and the rule of law, the Church has formed orders of trained warriors, each dedicated to a different duty. Like the order of the Copper Rose swore to protect the borders of every city against the evils of the wilds, like the Radiant Ring was assigned the duty to protect the caravans, carrying supplies and travelers between the cities, the Inquisition hunted the heretics, corrupted but the unholy, eradicating the evils within. However, when in dire need, one does not easily throw away the tools that fall into your hands. With the Pope's blessing, the Inquisition has formed a secret group of gifted individuals, whose lives were forsaken in the light of different events. Taken under the wing of the Church, they exist now to be thrown at the most vile spawns of Evils without remorse or consideration. Dead to the public, forgotten in the eyes of God, they live to serve the last duty to the Light or perish trying.


The Cursed Blood

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